Eric Pensenstadler, CRPAA Founder & Executive Director


Most of us can say that without the support of our peers and the professional organizations to which we belong, we would not be as successful as we are, or would not have even begun to know where to start in our given profession.

Professional associations provide a singular place where like-minded professionals that are immersed in the inner workings of their industry can gather and provide participants with access to a variety of opinions and ideas.

Membership in a professional association exposes you to new opportunities, and, to people that could help you now and in the future. You’re joining a group of like-minded people that face similar challenges and who may be able to provide insights into solutions that have worked for them.

In the process, you are reaping the benefits of competitive advantage with increased credibility, broadened knowledge, business growth, and so much more.


Competitive Advantage

Taking advantage of an association’s resources can help you earn and maintain an edge over non-member competitors thanks to accessing inside information and advanced training opportunities.

Perhaps even more important is the credibility it can add when marketing to prospective clients. Showing that you are part of a national association positions you as an expert and leader in your industry. It shows your potential customers that you have a higher level of professionalism and reliability. All of this combines to give them additional confidence in your business and your services. And when someone feels confidence in you and trusts you, they will buy from you!

Inside Access to Innovations and New Developments

Associations let you stay on top of new products, services, and innovations within your industry, helping you maintain a competitive and informational edge. Product reviews are quickly becoming the norm – and standard – for researching which piece of equipment is best for your individual needs. Trade associations may have members-only access to valuable reviews that might not be readily available anywhere else.

This blog post is intended to describe general benefits to joining a national trade association.  The Certified Remote Pilots Association of America will strive to perfect these goals as well as many others, but we can’t do it alone. Join us now as a Founding Member and help make this possible!
Please check back later in later weeks for Part 2.
– Eric Pensenstadler