(Photo above: Albert Einstein’s desk the day he died)

If you currently are disorganized and your “to-do list” is longer than your day, don’t despair; some of the most organized people once were among the most disorganized, including myself.  This quiz is intended to help you see your strengths and weaknesses in this area.

Keep in mind, it’s not always “time”  management…. we all have the same 24 hours in a day;  energy, focus and direction play a major role in how you manage your day.

Answer Yes or No to the following:

  1. When meeting with your team or a one to one, do you always come prepared?
  2. Do you sort your work by priority.
  3. At the end of the day do you make a list of your next day priorities?
  4. Do you list recommended actions?
  5. Are you drinking at least 6 glasses of water a day?
  6. Do you start each day tackling your most immediate goals?
  7. Are you sleeping at least 7 hours a night?
  8. Are you limiting your caffeine intake?
  9. Do you spot check yourself, to be sure you are keeping on schedule?
  10. Do you commit and follow through with a structured exercise program?
  11. Do you congratulate yourself when you complete a task?
  12. Do you allow time for the unexpected, such as phone calls and interruptions?
  13. Do you have a plan for eating foods that maximize your health vs. inhibit your well-being?
  14.  Do you check items off your list as you accomplish them?
  15.  Do you help keep team meetings and one to one meetings organized and on schedule?

Total up the Yes answers. A score of 12 or more is a sign that you are on the right path to maximizing your time. A score of 9 to 11, means you get lazy like me sometimes.  A score of 8 or less?…. I am thinking you may need some help.

Eric’s Commentary:  Usually I like to add my own commentary to Bob’s blog posts, but this time I think it speaks for itself!  We all have the same 24 hours in a day.  I hate to say this, but it is so true:  “smarter, not harder”!!

What stands out to me most in Bob’s blog is remembering to reward yourself!  Now, that “reward” might be as simple as scratching something off of your to-do list, but that’s important.  We need to feel a sense of accomplishment too.  I have to do lists that remind me to make a to do list!!  We all have so many things to do in our businesses and personal lives.  If we’re constantly staring at never ending to-do lists then we may become depressed and feel defeated or overwhelmed.  However, looking at a list that has many items scratched off will create positive feelings and a sense of accomplishment.



Bob Gambone

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