Author: Eric Pensenstadler

We All Have the Same 24 Hours

(Photo above: Albert Einstein’s desk the day he died) If you currently are disorganized and your “to-do list” is longer than your day, don’t despair; some of the most organized people once were among the most disorganized, including myself.  This quiz is intended to help you see your strengths and weaknesses in this area. Keep in mind, it’s not always “time”  management…. we all have the same 24 hours in a day;  energy, focus and direction play a major role in how you manage your day. Answer Yes or No to the following: When meeting with your team or...

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I’m good, and you?

Bob Gambone is a regular contributor to CRPAA, sharing his vast experience in the executive business world.  Bob writes: Several decades ago, I was a young cocky manager who thought I knew it all. After all, I just won manager of the month, scored a great bonus and received an awesome promotion. An associate of mine, we will call her Mary, reached out to me at my awards celebration and said if I ever needed her help, just let her know. Mary was my hero; keyword here is “was.” She was a leader, my mentor… but in my eyes,...

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3 Easy Ways to “Give” in 2018

A small compliment or word of encouragement can mean the world to someone!   Give people confidence… …by reminding acquaintances of your name. -Did you ever forget someone’s name that you should have remembered? Think about how you felt during the conversation.   Give people hope… …by answering your phone, “… how can I help you?” – Opened ended questions are always more inviting and productive.   Give people peace of mind… …by confirming receipt of their email or text. (reply- “Got it, Thank you.”) -Did you ever send a very important email or text and wonder if he...

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Business Leadership Words of Wisdom

Here are 3 quick Words of Wisdom phrases on how to be an effective leader in your business. Written by Bob Gambone, commentary by Eric Pensenstadler   1.  Stop saying, “I should have…. ” or ” I could have…”   or  “I wish I would have…” -The path you didn’t choose is a fantasy without disappointments. Eric’s commentary:  It’s no secret that hindsight is 20/20.  If we could live our lives to the end, then go back and do it all over again there is no doubt we would be much more successful in all we did.  But we can’t,...

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