Author: Seth Zora

Shooting for a Movie – Day 3

So we arrive on set for day three. As to be expected the atmosphere is running high and full of energy. Day three ended up being the worst day out of all three as we didn’t end up getting any footage at all. If you recall from day to the heavens above opened up and emptied all of the raindrops of North America upon us. Once I got home and was able to dry the equipment out, I determined that all of the equipment was ruined. A quick conversation with the producer and he agreed to replace the equipment as it was not our fault and that put me into overdrive to get a new drone kit on my doorstep for day three. Luckily for me, a good friend and owner of Drone Works helped me out. There was a one-day break between the shooting on day two and the shooting for day three. So the morning of our day off Zac from Drone Works was able to overnight me a new drone kit to be delivered for the morning of day three. The only thing I didn’t plan for was additional weather fronts coming through and hitting Kentucky which is the main hub for FedEx and UPS.  So the $300 fee that I paid to have the kit overnighted to me by 10:30 AM was useless. See these...

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Shooting for a Movie – Day 2

Day two on the photo shoot was rather interesting. I learned a ton and also realize that I need to go with my gut more so than ignoring it. While day one was a bit hectic once we stepped foot on the production shoot for day two all those concerns went away.  I’ll go ahead and jump right into the items that I learned and hopefully you’ll learn something as well. Extra Clothing Typical Pittsburgh fashion we ran into a major issue with weather. I quickly realized not having a second set of clothes was a major issue, especially since it was an hour drive from the shoot to my house. We were just finishing up the first round of shots that we needed to get when a huge storm rolled in. The very last take it started to sprinkle and I brought the drone down to start packing up.  The sky opened up and emptied out every last drop of rain that it possibly could on us. I’ll go into further detail below, but needless to say not only did I get wet but a kind of equipment got ruined as well. Large Umbrella Given that a huge storm rolled in, had we had a huge golf style umbrella I may have been able to salvage my equipment from being ruined. One small piece of advice, pay attention...

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Shooting for a Movie – Day 1

We were recently provided with an opportunity to step foot on a movie production here in Pittsburgh, one of our first. While not at first obvious, my anxiety and stress were through the roof. My elevated blood pressure was entirely based on the fact that it was the first time that we were going to run our drone for an actual movie.  I thought it might be educational and fun to go through some of the items that we learned while on set. I hope this will be beneficial for some. My intention is to only share information and leave out any type of graphics with these blog post. Insurance Coverages So the first thing that we were made aware of is the industry standard is $5 million for general liability. Most of you, much like us, originally just had a $1 million policy. While not a huge issue, you are looking at roughly double an additional payment to raise it from $1 million-$5 million of general liability insurance. Rightfully so, there are tons of people and equipment on a movie set and having $5 million in liability insurance almost seems as if it’s not enough. No sense in spending more than what they require, but it does make sense on why they want this much. Different People and Their Titles Quickly we were able to arrive at the...

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