As the world of unmanned aerial systems becomes more popular with novice flyers, you’ve already taken the step (or are considering testing for) your Part 107 certification through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). You’ve set yourself apart from the pack as a serious professional. Join the ONLY professional organization in the United States specifically for Part 107 certified remote pilots!

As a full member, you will have access to the membership directory and private forums, the site blog, and acclaimed video series. You will also have access to free upcoming webinars, training sessions and downloads that you can implement into your best business practices immediately.

We will devote a portion of our marketing budget to community outreach and training programs, not just for drone pilots, but for consumers who are looking to hire professional drone pilots. We will educate them on the advantages of using drones, and then provide a consumer-based end of the website where they can search and hire CRPAA members.

Have you ever been out flying – doing your due diligence to abide by the rules and regulations, but were in a scenario where those regulations just didn’t seem to fit and you wanted to tell the FAA how it could be better? Well now’s your chance with our Let Your Voice Be Heard message box. We will collect and review ALL messages/suggestions/ideas and present them to the FAA in an orderly fashion on behalf of professional UAV pilots.