Status Update as of February 20, 2019

We are working hard to establish industry collaborations that you can directly benefit from as a member of the Certified Remote Pilots Association of America

Your Current Member Benefits:

Drone Insurance Discount

It’s finally here! BWI Aviation Insurance and CRPAA have partnered to offer Founding and Business Pro members priority service and an exclusive discount on drone insurance. This discount alone often more than pays for your CRPAA membership!

Exclusive discount at Drone Works

Now get a 5% discount (and free shipping) on your UAV equipment and accessories, excluding DJI! The good folks at offer CRPAA members exclusively a discount and free shipping at checkout!

Professional Voice to the FAA

As a certified remote pilot who makes your living abiding by the rules and regulations of CFR 14, Part 107, you are in the best position to offer feedback to the FAA as they continue to develop and fine-tune the Part 107 rules and regulations. Through our FAA Feedback Portal, we will begin collecting data from our members in order to organize the feedback and present it to the FAA. As CRPAA grows and gains traction in the UAV industry our goals include having seats on FAA focus groups and advisory boards which will allow us to present your feedback directly.

Private Forums

We have recently created a private forums section to discuss a wide variety of industry topics. Only CRPAA members can post here. Help us build up our forums by joining now and posting your concerns, experiences, or just how we can help you succeed in your drone business.

Local Point of Contact Database

As a Part 107 certified remote pilot, you have the responsibility of ensuring all appropriate contacts are aware of your flights. We are in the process of collecting this data and you can help. Go to the CRPAA States Groups (in the Communities area) where you can review ATC, HeliPorts, Fire, Polices and more in your area, or, be the first to provide these details in your area in order to help other fellow CRPAA members.

Business Consultant

Every new membership comes with a FREE 30-minute phone consultation with a professional business coach where he will point you on the right path to either establishing your new drone business or taking your current business to the next level.

Member Website

Great for new businesses, Founding Members and Business Pro Members will be able to host their own WordPress website on our servers. This provides you with an additional benefit and money savings for your marketing budget.

Value of Authority Positioning

A FREE Special Report on the value of Authority Positioning. Learn this secret to business success by leveraging your CRPAA membership to give your clients and prospects added confidence in hiring you. Click here to see the short video and to download the free special report!

Stay Informed

Visit often. We’ll be posting regulatory and certification updates, find out what’s new in UAV technology, and see what your colleagues are doing.

Product Reviews

Whether you’re just starting out and need advice on which drone is right for you, or you’re an official “dronie” who is looking to add to your fleet and expand your aerial tools, product reviews will be continually updated on


CRPAA is a great resource to help you LEARN from other members, SHARE your own work and stories, and GROW your business by networking with other professional UAV pilots. Through our blogs, we bring you business advice, drone-related news and stories, and product reviews!


Much like the value Authority Positioning can bring you, you will be able to show your clients and potential customers that you are part of a national non-profit association specifically for Part 107 Certified Remote Pilots by special use rights to the
CRPAA logo and gold membership certificate. Founding Members receive a unique Founding Member logo as well.

Here are some things that we are working on:

Members-Only Downloads

By realizing that all CRPAA members are professionals (by definition of having the Part 107 certification) and that many members are new business owners, we want to help you succeed as a business! It’s a fact that over 95% of new businesses will fail in the first 1 to 3 years. We don’t want that to happen to you! We are working with industry experts to continually create content which members can download for free. With a full membership, we will offer you free access to legal forms, talent release waivers, business plan templates, and ready-made brochures for each main use of UAVs that you can insert your own logo and use to market to your potential customers, and so much more!

Industry Specific Training

When it comes to drones for commercial purposes, there are many different uses to consider. If you’re new to drones or want to expand your existing business into a different field of drone use, then we’re here to help. We are working on establishing information guides and pieces of training to help you get started in cinematography, photography, mapping and surveying, agriculture, search and rescue, inspection services and more.

Consumer Education and Marketing Database

When it comes to the value of using drones in business, there is a lot of misconceptions and misinformation, and, many industries simply don’t know how drones can help them. We want to use our resources as a national nonprofit association to reach out to consumers and educate them on the value UAV technologies can bring to their respective fields. Then, we will provide a consumer-based job board connecting certified remote pilots with those seeking to hire them.

Free Access to Webinars and Trainings

CRPAA is working with industry experts to bring you webinars, trainings, and other great tools to learn and help you grow your business.

Pathway to Certification Program

While CRPAA is the only association that requires Part 107 certification for membership, we realize that there are many people who want to use their drone safely and legally, but maybe just need some guidance setting up their business and understanding the certification process. If this sounds like you, or if you just want to learn more about what it takes to run a drone business, then our unique Pathway to Certification Program and membership levels are perfect for you.

More Coming

We have a number of other exciting and unique programs that we are developing and will release more information as we progress.